This course covers a study of plant and animal sources of human food, their nutritional values, and the way they are utilized by the body in health and disease. Topics include chemistry and biology of food, personal nutrition evaluation, nutrition-related health problems, and global food and nutrition issues. Laboratory exercises introduce students to the diagnostic procedures used by nutritionists and to reinforce learning of nutritional theory. A background in biology or chemistry is not required. The course meets General Education "Science and Technology" Requirement Area 5. Course meets: 3 hrs. lecture; 1.5 hrs. lab. Prerequisites: Writing Skills II (ENG095), a grade of C or better in Foundations of Mathematics (MAT093), Academic Reading III (ESL098) or Reading Skills II (RDG095) or placement equivalency. 01/22/2019-05/20/2019 Web Based Days to be Announced, Times to be AnnouncedOnline, Room ONLN