The course will examine the cell as the basic unit of life. Topics will include cell chemistry, cell structure and function, metabolism, cellular respiration, photosynthesis, and cell division. The course will conclude with an examination of the genetic and chromosomal basis of inheritance. Laboratory work will provide students with the basic skills necessary to work in advanced biology laboratory courses. This is the first required biology course in the AS Biological Science program. Students planning to enroll in a health science program should enroll in Introduction to Biology (BIO105) or Human Biology/Lab (BIO108). This course meets General Education Science and Technology Requirement Area 5. Prerequisites: Writing Skills II (ENG095) and Reading Skills II (RDG095) or placement and a grade of C or better in College Algebra-STEM (MAT194). 01/28/2019-05/20/2019 Hybrid Course Monday 11:30AM - 02:00PM, D Building, Room D301