This course introduces students to the basic concepts of biology and how these concepts relate to the structure and function of the human body. Topics include cell structure & function, molecular biology, metabolism, cellular reproduction, and genetics. An introduction to human anatomy and physiology will also be presented. Students will integrate structure and function among all levels of biological organization. This course is specifically designed to provide students with the necessary background in basic biological concepts and molecular biology to be successful in the anatomy & physiology courses required by most allied health programs. This course does not substitute for programs that require BIO203 and BIO204. Open to all students and satisfies General Education "Science and Technology" Requirement Area 5. Course meets 3 hours lecture; 3 hours lab. Note: May be used as a prerequisite for Anatomy & Physiology I/Lab (BIO203). Prerequisites: Writing Skills II (ENG095), a grade of C or better in Foundations of Mathematics (MAT093), and Reading Skills II (RDG095) or placement equivalent. 01/24/2019-05/16/2019 Hybrid Course Thursday 04:00PM - 08:00PM, Malden High School, Room BOYLE436