This course will investigate the major biological concepts that connect all forms of life and are designed for students with little or no background in science. Topics will include the process of scientific inquiry, the cell as the basic unit of life, metabolism, cellular reproduction, genetics, evolutionary theory and principles of ecology. Laboratory work will introduce students to the basic investigative techniques used to study life's processes. There will be no animal dissection in this course. This course will satisfy the General Education "Science & Technology" Area 5 requirement for all programs and may be used to satisfy the biology prerequisite for Anatomy and Physiology I (BIO203). This course will not satisfy the general biology requirement of the Associate in Science: Biological Science program. Prerequisites: Writing Skills (ENG095), a grade of C or better in Foundations of Mathematics (MAT093), and Reading Skills II (RDG095) or placement equivalence. 01/25/2019-05/17/2019 Hybrid Course Friday 09:00AM - 01:00PM, D Building, Room D302