This course is intended for students entering health care careers and the biotechnology industry. This course will provide a solid foundation of basic physiological and biochemical activities of bacteria, viruses, fungi, and protozoa. The fundamentals of microbial physiology, genetics, and immunology will be presented with emphasis placed on virulence factors and the mechanisms in which these microorganisms establish disease. Microbiology in the workplace will be covered through a discussion of methods of physical and chemical control of microorganisms, microbial growth and enumeration. The use of anti-viral drugs and antibiotics, the host immune response to infection, and the effectiveness of various vaccination strategies will also be discussed. The course will be completed by investigating the importance of human pathogens in patient care and nosocomial infection while looking at several major diseases. Exercises in the laboratory portion of the course deal with aseptic techniques, microbial cultivation and growth characteristics, staining and bacterial isolation techniques, differential biochemical tests, identification of unknown bacterial species, and testing effectiveness of antimicrobial agents. Course meets 3 hrs lecture and 3 hrs lab. Prerequisite: Anatomy and Physiology I/Lab (BIO203) or General Biology I/Lab (BIO195) or admission to the Nursing Program. 01/28/2019-05/20/2019 Hybrid Course Monday 10:00AM - 12:30PM, D Building, Room D317