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Welcome to the Department of Academic Innovation & Distance Education!

The mission of Academic Innovation & Distance Education at Bunker Hill Community College is to advance the College’s goals by providing
innovative and effective
instructional design, digital teaching and learning resources, and timely support that helps students and instructors succeed.
AIDE promotes inclusive,
accessible and collaborative teaching and learning solutions to the BHCC community.

Student Links & Information

  • Need your Campus User Info?
  • Searching for BHCC Online Courses?
  • All Web and Hybrid courses at BHCC use Moodle. If you are taking an on-campus course your instructor may choose to use Moodle, a different digital learning tool, or go “tech free.” Be sure to check your course syllabus on the first day of class to learn more.
  • To learn more about using Moodle and the ways that the Office of Academic Innovation & Distance Education partners with students, check out the Student Resource Center (SRC). The AIDE SRC is designed just like a real Moodle course so that you can experience the BHCC Moodle platform before your course starts. If you are a new BHCC student, or you have just enrolled in your Web or Hybrid course, you can sign up for the Student Resource Center (SRC) by filling out our online form.

If you want to learn more or have other questions about AIDE, please email us at or call (617) 228-3427.

Faculty Links and Information

  • Moodle course shells are automatically created each semester for Web and Hybrid courses. If you would like a course shell for a Face-to-Face course, an academic department, or other group, please fill out the Moodle Course Site Request Form. You will need your Bunker Hill email address and specific course section information (e.g. 2019FA ENG-111-01) to make your request.
  • Are you a new faculty or staff member at BHCC? Once you have your BHCC email address, Request a Moodle User. The AIDE team will also add you to our Faculty Resource Center (FRC) where you will find information about professional development opportunities, learning guides for developing your skills as a Moodle educator and other teaching and learning resources.
  • Sign up for AIDE updates to receive weekly teaching tips, information about upcoming workshops and announcements about Moodle, ePortfolio and other digital learning tools.
  • AIDE Workshops & Trainings

If you want to learn more or have other questions about AIDE, please email us at or call (617) 228-3427.

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